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 Roadmap to Clean-Up the FRR as Mandated by the Supreme Court of Liberia December 15th, 2017

Today Friday December 15, 2017, technical Team of the National Elections Commission (NEC) and the Sub Regional Body ECOWAS invited the Political Parties to abreast them with the Roadmap on the full implementation of the Supreme Court’s Mandate, ordering the NEC to carry out  a full clean-up of the Final Registration Roll (FRR).

The occasion, which saw many parties in attendance including the two parties in the runoff, CDC and UP, was graced by National and International observers and the Press.

Below is the Full Roadmap. 


After meeting with the management of NEC and the Commission’s Technical Team, the following resolutions were reached:

  1. Full clean-up of the FRR to ensure that multiple names of identification number are removed.

The clean-up of the FRR is considered as two main processes: the removal of the multiple Voter IDs in the FRR and the further de-duplication of the FRR.

  1. Removal of Multiple Voter IDs

It is important to state clearly that the multiple IDs identified in the FRR belong to entirely different persons, therefore this is not a case of multiple registrations.

In tackling this issue therefore, it is important to ensure that no voter is disenfranchised in the process. The underling guide is to guarantee that there are no more instances of voters having the same identification number in the FRR.

There are 998 voters affected by the multiplicity of Voter IDs- sharing 488 Voters IDs. The proposed solution is to retain existing Voter IDs for 488 Voters (the first voter that registered with an ID retains the Voter ID) and issue new IDs for the remaining 510 voters.

An Inclusion Form (a variant of the OMR Form) is filled for each of the 510 voters, and scanned. The new records generated will be used to replace the existing record on the FRR. This therefor means that the roll that will be printed and displayed at the polling places and also used for the runoff will bear the new Voter IDs for the 510 voters.

A new voter card will be created for each of these 510 voters and would be exchanged for the old Voter Cards at the Polling Places on or before the Election Day.

The new FRR will have an indicator for this set of voters, to ease the identification on Election Day.

On completion of this assignment, a list of affected voters, with their old voter IDs and newly generated voter IDs would be created and shared with the Political Parties.

  1. Further de-duplication of the FRR

NEC carried out an initial de-duplication before the FRR was published in September 2017, where 4,567 multiple registrations were removed from the voter roll.

However, with the decision of the Supreme Court to conduct a full clean-up of the FRR, it was agreed that the FRR should be further checked for multiple registrations. Due to non-biometric nature of the voter roll, de-duplication process is quite time consuming as it involves a lot of manual checks and re-checks to confirm multiple registrations before they are removed from the roll.

It has been agreed that due to time limitations, this process would start immediately. This will enable the timely update of the voter roll for printing, in preparation for the publication.


At the end of this assignment, a list of the suspected multiples, the records removed and those retained will be generated and shared with the Political Parties.


  1. Publications of the Final Registration Roll

The printing of the voter roll in hard copies will be display at each Precinct and Polling Places Nationwide before the runoff election; is being worked on between NEC and the ECOWAS Technical Team.


  1. Availability of FRR in Hard-Copies to Election Magistrates and Polling Places

NEC and ECOWAS are also working on this in accordance with the two procedures above.


  1. Limiting the Eligibility to Vote to only those on the FRR

This shall be adhered to. Only voters whose names are on the FRR would be allowed to vote. The necessary documentations will be adjusted accordingly.


  1. Limitations of the addendum to FRR to those listed in NEC’s Polling and Counting Manual

This shall be adhered to. Only those on special assignments at the Polling Places around the Country, such as members of the election security sector, NEC officials, international observer drivers and escorts would be allowed to vote in the Polling Places other than where they are registered-using the addendum to FRR. The necessary documentations will be adjusted accordingly.

  1. Limiting the eligibility to vote for poll watchers to their being on the FRR and at their Precinct and Polling Places.

This shall be adhered to. Poll watchers will only be allowed to vote at their Precincts and Polling Places. The necessary documentations will be adjusted accordingly.

The joint Technical Team, comprising the ECOWAS and NEC, shall implement the above-mentioned directives of the Supreme Court of Liberia.

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November 22nd, 2018

Announcement of Provisional Results

November 25th, 2018

Announcement of Final Results of Election

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