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  April 4th, 2011

March 30, 2011

The National Elections Commission (NEC) wishes to inform the public that the deadline for notification for the establishment of a political party or the declaration of intent to contest as an independent candidate is April 11, 2011.
The NEC is reminding all interested individuals to take note of the regulation which requires the establishment of political party 180 days or six months prior to elections.
As a result of a recent decision reached by the Board of Commissioners of the National Elections Commission, Independent Candidates are now required to only submit a letter of intent to contest until electoral districts are drawn, at which time Independent Candidates will be required to submit their petition listing to the Commission.
All concerned are kindly asked to take note that deadline for notification to establish a political party and intent to run as an independent candidate is April 11, 2011.
Signed: _______________________________________________
Bobby W. Livingstone
Director of Public Information & Outreach
 March 30, 2011         
The National Elections Commission (NEC) announces that it will on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 formally launch the civic/voters’ education campaign for the impending national referendum throughout the 19 electoral magisterial areas across the country. The launch is part of activities leading to the conduct of the national referendum scheduled for August 23, 2011.
Activities of the program will include community sensitization through street theater performances, distribution of flyers, posters and stickers, dramas and cultural display amongst others.
The Commission is calling on the public to fully participate in the launch as well as other activities of the forthcoming National Referendum. Your vote matters.
           Public Information Section/NEC
                                           March    31, 2011
The National Elections Commission (NEC) wishes to express profound thanks and appreciation to all owners of facilities including both private and public buildings used as Voters’ Registration (VR) Centers throughout the nation during the just-ended Voters Registration exercise.
Specifically, the Commission wishes to commend the Minister of Education, the President of the University of Liberia, the superintendent of the Monrovia Consolidated School System (MCSS) and principals of all public and private schools used during the registration period.
In like manner, the Commission expresses heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all other institutions, organizations, groups and individuals who made their properties available to be used as Voter Registration Centers across the country.
Meanwhile, the Commission deems it expedient to remind all owners of the facilities used as VR Centers, that the same Centers will be used as Exhibition Centers from April 7-11; and as Voting Precincts and Polling Places during the Referendum on August 23; and the General Elections on the Second Tuesday in October.
Don’t forget to go to the VR Center where you registered for the Exhibition and to vote on August 23 and October 11.
             Public Information Section


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