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 Say No to War by embracing elections-Chairman Fromayan May 26th, 2011

The Chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC) Mr. James M. Fromayan says Liberians can say “no to war” by embracing elections.  He said elections remain the only remedy for ensuring that the prevailing peace is sustained.

Speaking recently in Tubmanburg at the close of a two-day nationwide referendum outreach awareness meeting with local authorities, Mr. Fromayan said elections may not solve all the problems, but they provide an alternative for people to live together in peace and move their country forward adding that “Once you have the opportunity to elect your leaders through a peaceful and orderly process, you need not take guns to remove them”.n
The meeting with over two hundred chiefs, district commissioners, city mayors and other stakeholders was held under the theme: “Taking Referendum to the People.”
Mr. Fromayan told the gathering that Liberians need to learn from the events in other countries where a refusal to accept election results plunged the countries into chaos, leaving thousands of peaceful citizens dead. “Liberia is the only place we have to live and the better we make it, the better it is for everyone” he noted.
The NEC boss asserted that the system of election in Liberia is such that the people rather than the Commission decide through their votes who become President, Representative or Senator saying, “All the Commission does is to announce what the people say in their votes.”
The Chairman concluded his remarks by calling on participants to take the message of the referendum to their people at home and encourage them to participate in the process. He also urged them to remain engaged with the NEC local magisterial offices to make the process successful.
The Tubmanburg meeting brought together local authorities from four counties: Montserrado, Grand Cape Mount, Gbarpolu and Bomi Counties. It was geared towards explaining the concept of the pending referendum as well as its prospects and challenges.
Meanwhile, Chairman Fromayan has ended his nationwide tour of NEC facilities in the 19 magisterial areas and expressed satisfaction with the work done so far.

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