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 NEC Chairman Cllr. Korkoya receives Statement from National Muslim Students Association of Liberia. February 15th, 2017

The National Muslim Students Association of Liberia in Collaboration with other Muslim Organizations presented a Statement to the National Elections Commission (NEC). In the Statement, the organizations claimed their people have a high level frustration, dissatisfaction and disappointment being faced by their Muslim mothers and Sisters at registration centers in the country. The president of the organization, Mr. K. Ishmael V. Conneh in their statement said that Muslim women at registration centers were not fairly treated by the NEC Registration Staff. He called upon the NEC to look into the group concerns and provide redress.   

Receiving the statement the NEC Chairman, Cllr. Jerome George Korkoya promised that the NEC will look into the statement and address all areas of concerns. The NEC Chairman praised the organization for being very peaceful and democratic in their approach. He ensured them that the Commission will do everything possible to insist on professionalism.

Earlier, in the meeting with the council of Muslim elders this week, the Chairman made the same pledge and emphasized the right to register and Muslims were no exception. He pleaded with them to be a more tolerant at registration centers when they meet a registrar exercising discretion to ask them to remove their veil for proper identity.   

NEC Chairman Cllr. Korkoya receives Statement from National Muslim Students Association of Liberia. Pictures

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