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 NEC Boss Cllr. Korkoya & Commissioners held Press Conference to Update the Public February 2nd, 2017

NEC Boss Cllr. Korkoya and Commissioners held a press conference to bring the public up to date with the voter registration exercise opening day experiences

The National Elections Commission held series of press conference with editors and reporters of media institutions and addressed some of the growing concerns from the public about the Voter Registration Exercise.   

Addressing the Press was the NEC Boss, Cllr. Jerome George Korkoya touched on the following issues.

  1. Faulty Camera(s) used by voter registration agents on the field, were been attended to by experts brought into the country to handle and troubleshoot situation of such kind. He added that the Camares were procured by one of its partners UNDP and that every effort was been made to correct these problems as soon as possible. He maintained that most of the complaints so far received by the NEC Call center came from Montserrado and its environs. He admitted that this situation has the ability to slow down the process but cautioned that it would be corrected soon.
  1. Korkoya made an appeal to properties owners around the country especially Public Schools through the Ministry of Education to allow the use of their properties as registration centers. Some these property had been used in previous voter registration exercise since 2005. He also appeal to rural dwellers to show hospitality to VR staffs and help with accommodation.
  1. The NEC Boss informed reporters about the Bureau of Immigrations (BIM) willingness to join other security apparatus in providing security within the vicinity of registration centers.  
  1. The NEC Chairman mentioned that Additional 300 registration centers were created to eliminate the constraints citizens faced travelling long distances in the rural parts of the country. The criteria set to determine where a center is placed was based on population and distance.

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NEC Boss Cllr. Korkoya & Commissioners held Press Conference to Update the Public Pictures

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