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 A joint press conference held at NEC Headquarters involving NEC, LNP and UNDP February 6th, 2017

The National Elections Commission on Monday, February 6 held a joint press conference with other stakeholders to speak on series of issues in the media originating from the Voter registration exercise currently ongoing around the country.  

The NEC Boss again assured the public that all corrective measures were being made to address the issues of the Cameras brought in by one of its partners, UNDP to facilitate the conduct of voter registration exercise.

Speaking on security matters relating to the voter registration was the Inspector General of Police Col. Greggory Coleman who pledged the LNP support to the VR process and assured the public of LNP readiness to provide security for the electoral process.

Addressing the media on behalf of the UNDP, Chief Technical Advisor on Election Project Mr. George Baratashvili assured the public that the UNDP is aware of most of the problems elections workers faced in the opening days of the process. He told the press that a Technical Team has been brought into the country to troubleshoot and restore damaged cameras due to its internal power surge.  Mr. Baratashvili added that these technicians will remain in the country throughout the duration of the VR exercise. He noted that the issue of the mal-function Cameras reports did affect most of the leeward counties.      

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