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 Civic and Voter Education Lessons Learned Conference on the 2017 Voter Registration April 12th, 2017

The National Elections Commission on April 10, 2017 opened a two day Civic Voter Education Lessons Learned Conference on the 2017 Voter Registration Exercise. In an official Opening Statement, the Commissioner with the oversight responsibility for CVE Samuel Z Joe, told the participants that during the period of thirty seven working days from February 1 to March 14, 2017 the Commission, its Partners and Stakeholders carried out an aggressive civic and voter’s education public outreach program aimed at targeting first time voters, women, the youth, disabled, the elderly and the populace in general, with the view of registering about 2.5 million eligible Liberians based on a LISGIS population projection.

Commissioner Joe disclosed that the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Elections Project provided subgrants to 7 (seven) national CSOs that worked with about 50 (fifty) Community Based Organizations (CBOs) across the country to carry out civic and voter education activities for the voter registration process before and during the 2017 exercise.

Commissioner Samuel Joe also praised the National Democratic Institute (NDI) for providing additional subgrants to 6 (six) National CSOs that collaborated with 15 (fifteen) CBOs while the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) recruited 31 CSOs currently working with 15 (fifteen) of the 31 CSOs for CVE outreach exercises.  

Making remark at the opening program was the representative from USAID, Mr. Jeremy Meadows who thanked and praised the Commission’s staffers and all other organizations both national and international for their efforts for registering Liberians for the October 10, 2017 general elections and the commission’s continuing commitment to ensuring strong democratic processes in Liberia. He noted that having a strong, independent, well-functioning and credible elections management body like the NEC is critical to ensuring that elections are perceived as free, fair and credible.

The two- day workshop organized by the CVE Section of the NEC with funding from IFES and UNDP is designed to evaluate the civic and voter education outreach component of the voter registration with the view to improve and also identify valuable lessons to consider when implementing future programs on CVE outreach.

The workshop is been attended by NEC Headquarters staffers, Assistant Magistrates from the 19 Magisterial areas, Civil Society Organization, Civic Educators, Gender Mobilizers, other elections stakeholders including representatives from the National Democratic Institute (NDI), The Carter Center, Internews, OSIWA, UNMIL

Civic and Voter Education Lessons Learned Conference on the 2017 Voter Registration Pictures

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