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The NEC Chairman Cllr. Jerome. G Korkoya Mandates Clerk of Writ, Ms. Antoinette B Johnson to order Elections Magistrates in the 19 Magisterial Areas in the fifteen counties to conduct the October 10, 2017 General Elections. Chairman Korkoya also provided updates on the just ended Voter Registration Exercise.  


Chapter 4, Section 4.3(2) of the New Elections Laws of Liberia as amended in 2016, provides that “Upon directive of the Commission, the Clerk of Writs shall issue writ for each election not later than 90 days prior to the time prescribed for the election. Such writs shall direct the Magistrate of Election of each county/district in accordance with the provisions of this title and the regulations and instructions of the Commission”.

The Writ of Elections we are about to issue signifies two very important things in the electioneering process. First, it serves as a directive to the Elections Magistrates to proceed with the conduct of the elections consistent with the laws controlling. Second, it signifies that the electoral process is transitioning from pre-election to the actual election.

Apart from the Exhibition of the Voter roll which takes place on June 12-17, 2017. The next important activity in keeping with the electoral timeline is the nomination of candidates from June 19-July 11, 2017. No activity rings the electoral bell more than the nomination of candidates.

As we enter the actual electoral process today, we call on all employees of the Commission (permanent and temporary) to take this assignment entrusted to us by the Liberian people seriously. We call on all stakeholders including political parties, civil society organizations, the media and our international partners to get actively involved in the process.

The NEC is committed to organizing transparent and fair elections and encourages all citizens who registered during the 2017 Voters Registration Exercise to participate in the forthcoming exhibition exercise which takes place from June 12-17, 2017.                             

                                    Update on the 2017 Voter Registration Data Entry Process

As of May 9, 2017, the Commission has received and recorded a total of 2,153,972 (Two Million One Hundred Fifty-Three Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy-Two) forms representing the total number of forms from the 2017 Registration Exercise. Of this amount, 1,802,576 (One Million Eight Hundred Two Thousand Five Hundred Seventy-Six) forms have been scanned. Of the total number of scanned forms, 1,482,366 (One Million Four Hundred Eighty-Two Thousand Three Hundred Sixty-Six) forms have been processed.

By process it means that the forms have been scanned and validated through quality check and then archived.

Of the forms processed so far, women account for 48% and male represent 52%.

Based on the statistics provided above, the NEC is confident that the provisional voter roll will be ready for exhibition on June 12-17, 2017.

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