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 Candidate Nomination Process June 21st, 2017

The National Elections Commission (NEC) announces that, in keeping with its Key Electoral Dates for the conduct of the 2017 Presidential and Representatives Elections, the Candidate Nomination Exercise will start on Tuesday June 19 and ends on Tuesday July 11, 2017.

The Commission says the Candidate Nomination Period will be conducted at the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville City from 9:00AM to 05:00PM, Monday to Saturday.

The NEC says applicants wishing to be nominated for the 2017 Presidential and Representatives Elections MUST appear in person during the Nomination Period.

Nomination forms for Candidates of Political Parties will be delivered to the Chairman or Secretary General of the Parties for distribution to the members. Alternatively, Parties can designate a Liaison Officer to pick up the forms. Independent Aspirants can pick up their forms themselves.

General Requirements for the Candidate Nomination

  1. Aspirant MUST be a Liberian.
  2. Aspirant MUST attained the age of 25 years for Representative and 35 years for President and Vice President.
  3. Aspirant for Representative MUST be domiciled in the constituency one year prior to the elections.
  4. Aspirants for President and Vice President MUST be resident in Liberia for not less than 10 years prior to the elections. And,
  5. Aspirant MUST be a tax payer.

July 31st, 2017 - October 08th 2017


August 05th, 2017 - October 05th 2017

Accreditation of Party Agents, Media & Observers for Elections

August 15th, 2017 - September 30th 2017

Candidates Debate Period

October 10th, 2017


October 25th, 2017

Announcement of Final Results of Election

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