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 NEC Commends Liberians for Challenging Candidates July 20th, 2017

In the wake of the unparalleled upsurge of protests being filed against candidates believed to be in violation of some general provisions of the ongoing nomination process, the National Elections Commission (NEC) has commended Liberians for the move.

The Commission says the move by some citizens to file protests is symptomatic of the level at which the Country’s fledgling democracy is taken root.

In a news release the Commission says the essence of the publication of the provisional candidate listing is exactly what the citizens are taking advantage of, by challenging the legitimacy of individuals they strongly feel might be in violation of some of the basic requirements for qualification.

The Commission guarantees the public that all protests filed will be looked into in accordance with the election process.

Article 12.1 of the candidate nomination regulations calls for the publication of provisional list of candidates “on the NEC website, in newspapers, broadcast on local community radio stations and NEC’s local magisterial offices across the country”.

Meanwhile, the Commission has assured the public that it will endure to remain in the ambit of the law and will continue to treat every aspirant or candidate equally.

However, NEC says it is not possible for its technicians to know everybody who are turning up at the SKD Sport Complex for nomination. Hence, the identification of any individual believed to be in violation of some provisions of the election laws should not be construed as prejudice or deliberate.

The Commission also emphasized the candidate nomination is a process that is still ongoing.

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