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 NEC Press Release on Election Day October 10th, 2017

Cllr. Jerome G. Korkoya

Chairman, National Elections Commission

 10 October 2017

The National Elections Commission is pleased to report the majority of polling places opened on time or within a short period of scheduled opening. There are very few incidents to report and voting is going on in a peaceful environment and in an organised manner. 

Polling places are open until 18:00 hours in line with the law. At opening time there were large queues at many polling places. These queues have continued to reduce as the day has continued. The National Elections Commission asks voters to be patient and once you have voted to leave the vicinity of the polling place.

No major incidents of disturbances have been reported so far. Reports from the field suggest everything is generally calm and going on according to plans. The police and other security services are at polling precincts and the National Elections Commission continues to work closely with the leadership of the Liberia National Police to ensure a safe environment for the election.

There have been some reports that some voters have not been able to be located in the printed voter register. Let me state there is nothing wrong with the voter register and there are a couple of reasons for these incidents.

One of the issues was caused by voters joining the queue without consulting the queue controller and going straight to a polling place without checking they are in the right place in the polling precinct. A second issue was in cases where a voter is registered twice. These individuals are registered at the last place of registration in line with our policy. You will not be at the original place.

Every person with a valid voter card is on the voter register database. Voters please ask to see the queue controller before joining the line to avoid any confusion. We have advised presiding officers to check names and voter identification numbers in the index of the register before concluding the voter is not on the printed voter register.

However, if a voter is not located on the printed voter register speak to staff. If still not clear call this number and the operations centre will assist you: 0880144137 or 0770326028. The SMS we have used is slow so please use the call centre number directly. It is also possible to check online: 

Even where there are delays if a voter us in a queue by 18:00 hours- 6pm, they will be able to vote. Until they have voted these places will not close. If a person has been to vote earlier and could not vote go back and make sure to follow these steps.

The National Elections Commission wishes to end this statement by encouraging voters to vote patiently for the remaining period.  And it calls on all with a stake in this process to remain peaceful and calm.

A further update will be forthcoming. Observers please observe carefully and party agents represent your parties responsibly. But most of all voters should be allowed to vote freely for the candidate of their choice.


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