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The National Elections Commission, (NEC) has issued two separate Writs of Elections on three of its Elections Magistrates to conduct two By-Elections in district # 13 Montserrado and Sinoe Counties respectively.

The Chairman of the Commission, Cllr. Jerome G. Korkoya issued the Writs of Elections Mandate today, Thursday September 06, 2018 to the Acting Clerk of Writs of Elections Emmanuel Kerkuleh who in return issued the Writs to the three Elections Magistrates for Montserrado and Sinoe Counties.

The three Magistrates are James K. Cordor and Vopea S. Gongloe of Lower and Upper Montserrado County and Magistrate Solomon Jaryenneh of Sinoe County.

The Writs of Elections instruct the three Magistrates in Montserrado and Sinoe Counties to conduct both the Representatives and Senatorial By-Elections on the 20thday of November A.D. 2018 from the hour of 8:00 Ante Meridian to 6:00 Post Meridian

The Writs of Elections also mandate the three Magistrates to ensure that October 06, 2018, be the last day of nomination of Candidates and that the final List of Candidates for district # 13 of Montserradio County and Sinoe County will be published on October 19, 2018, qualifying persons to participate in the By-Elections as Candidates.

The writs commanded the magistrates to certify by endorsement, at the close of the counting of votes as to the form and manner in which they conducted the By-Elections throughout Sinoe County and district # 13, Montserrado County of the Republic of Liberia.

The Acting Clerk of Writs informed the three magistrates that the writs shall constitute their legal and sufficient authority to conduct the By-Elections.

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