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 NEC Terms Fake Email as Counterproductive to Electoral Process December 4th, 2017

James Fromayan Hall

Sinkor, Monrovia, Liberia 

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen of the media, on behalf of the National Elections Commission, I welcome you to this impromptu press conference. Being fully aware of the ongoing Supreme Court’s prohibition on the 2017 election, this press conference will be confined to a unique topic bordering on a fake email circulating around town.

The fake email was illegally generated and has been circulated to dispute the reputation and credibility of the electoral process.

The commission clarifies that the email in question was never written nor circulated by the Chairman of the commission Cllr. Jerome Korkoya and the contents contained therein are false and only designed to cause confusion in the country.

In fact, the commission has already asked the Liberia National Police to investigate this matter.

The following counts will further prove the falsity of these concocted emails: Admin Address, voter roll database, Micro Soft Outlook, Fingerprint Folders, Mail from Chairman Korkoya and Date

Admin Address

The senders used “”. This address does not exist on our server. For all official mails, internal and external, NEC uses the first letter of first names and then last names plus the domain address. Therefore the address of the sender is fake.


Voter’s Roll Database

Voter’s roll database is strictly controlled by the NEC Data Center and not the IT section. The IT section does not control infrastructure, thus would not be commenting on database changes as mentioned in the concocted email.

Micro Soft Outlook

NEC uses Microsoft Outlook for all official mails, internal and external.

Fingerprint Folder

NEC does not have fingerprint folders as mentioned by the fake email. All documents are saved on our database and not in folders.

Mail from Chairman Korkoya

The fake email from Chairman Korkoya to fellow Commissioners, regarding the subject, does not exist on our mail server here at NEC. It is not just strange but fake. In fact, the chairman in particular normally uses his AOL account for email purposes.

Date of Email

The date of one of the fake emails is erroneous. The send date says Wednesday July 28, 2017. July 28, 2017 was actually on Friday, Wednesday.

At this point, the commission urges Liberians, mainly voters, to remain calm and await the opinion of the Supreme Court of Liberia. The commission also assures Liberians that it remains transparent and credible.

Many thanks for coming and God bless our Country Liberia.

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