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 NEC Refutes Daily Observer Story, says it's Abiding by the Supreme Court's Ruling December 11th, 2017

The National Elections Commission (NEC) has categorically refuted a Daily Observer story accusing it of not willing to implement the Supreme Court mandates on the 2017 runoff election.

The Commission says it welcomes the ruling and it is fully committed to its full implementation. The commission says the mandates are cleared and unambiguous.

In a press release today, the NEC says it is happy that the Supreme Court gave a ruling that has settled the long standing legal struggle with the Liberty party and the Unity party.

In its Monday December 11, 2017 edition, caption: NEC Unwilling to comply with Supreme Court’s Mandate? the Daily Observer Newspaper reported that NEC is not willing to comply with the ruling of the supreme Court of Liberia. The paper maliciously lied that NEC’s Executive Director Lamin Lighe has insisted, even after the Supreme Court ruling, that the FRR is cleaned.

The paper also lie that the Commission declined in a meeting with CDC and UP on Saturday December 9, 2017 to produce the FRR for scrutiny on grounds that the FRR was already cleaned and needed no further cleaning. The Commission terms the story as a blatant lie only intended to put the NEC against the Supreme Court and suggests defiance. NEC says the Supreme Court’s ruling is final.

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