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 NEC Board of Commissioners meets UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression March 27th, 2018

NEC Board of Commissioners and a team led by UN Special Rapporteur of freedom of expression holds discussions on how to identify what is wrong with the culture of Media Reporting

The Media, “Fourth Estate”, has the responsibilities to inform the public with facts of what is obtaining in and how our government is operating. The Freedom of Information Act provides or allows access to the public to data held by National Government (GOL).

In this regards, government agencies are charged to ensure they meet this requirement of request for Information by its citizens.  

Holding discussion today March 6, 2018 at the Headquarters of NEC the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression, Mr. David Kaye, recognize the need for more and better training for Journalists to improve on their ethical standing in their professional carrrer.

He mentioned the need for journalists to be fair and balanced. He also cautioned journalists against blackmailing or slandering that lead to defamation of one’s character.

Mr. Kaye is in Liberia at the invitation of the Government to assess the situation of freedom of expression in the country. During his visit, he will meet with all branches of government and with civil society organizations. His preliminary findings and recommendations will be presented on Friday at a press conference. The formal report of his visit will be presented at a later stage to the UN Human Rights Council.

NEC Chairman Cllr. Korkoya welcome the Mr. Kaye and team and pledged the commission’s fullest support to the delegation.  

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