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 Announcement of Provisional Results for the July 31, 2018 Bong and Montserrado Counties Senatorial By-elections August 1st, 2018

Republic of Liberia

National Elections Commission (NEC)

Announcement of Provisional Results for the

July 31, 2018 Bong and Montserrado Counties

Senatorial By-elections

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 @ 6:00pm

Cllr. Jerome G. Korkoya, Chairman

National Elections Commission (NEC)

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, My Fellow Liberians

The National Elections Commission wishes to congratulate all registered voters that turned out to vote in the Senatorial By-elections conducted in Bong and Montserrado Counties, on yesterday July 31, 2018, for their patriotism and good deportment exhibited during the elections.

The Commission further wishes to express heartfelt thanks to all field staff including poll workers, many of whom spent sleepless hours in ensuring that the elections succeeded.   

Special thanks and appreciation go to the leadership and officers of the joint security forces for helping to provide the enabling environment for the successful conduct of the Senatorial By-elections.

To our international partners, observer groups and the media, we sincerely appreciate your role and involvement throughout the process.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen of the press, we are pleased to report that the electoral process has been successfully implemented as planned. Polls opened in most places on time and the counting of votes has progressed much faster.


As reported in our press statement on yesterday, immediately following the close of the polls, the reconciliation, sorting and counting of votes commenced at all polling places across the two counties. The result of each polling place was placed on the wall for public viewing, in addition to distribution of copies to party agents representing the five parties with the highest votes in each polling place. The original copy of results from each polling place was placed in a Tamper Evident Envelope and taken to the magisterial tally center for processing.

The tallying of election results commenced in the two counties early Wednesday morning at the county tally center here at NEC headquarters for Montserrado and at the two magisterial areas in Bong County  in the full glare  of local and international observer groups, the media, as well as party agents.

Complaints/Dispute Resolution

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, the NEC is pleased to report that to date, the Commission has not received any complaints regarding the July 31 Senatorial By-elections. I wish to remind all parties that complaints regarding polling/counting or tallying irregularities should be filed with the NEC Magistrate Offices in Bong and Montserrado Counties.

Preliminary Results

I am pleased to report that of the 1,790 polling places in Montserrado County, 127 polling places have reported, with 8,056 votes counted and tallied. The recorded voter turnout for polling places reported amounts to 7.09 percent.

In Bong County, out of a total of 502 polling places, 261 have reported with 33,611 votes counted and tallied. The recorded voter turnout of polling places reported amounts to 51.99 percent.

The National Elections Commission will now proceed with the announcement of the first provisional results from the July 31, 2018 Senatorial By-elections as follows:

Updated provisional results will be available after this press conference on the NEC website: I thank you!

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