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 NEC Conducts Bridge Pre-Election Training for 2017 Elections May 30th, 2016

27 employees of the National Elections Commission (NEC) have completed a 5-day pre-election logistics training in preparation for the 2017 Presidential and Representative Elections.The Pre-Election Activities Module Course for Elections Administration was conducted under the framework of the Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections (BRIDGE) Training Framework.

Participants were logisticians from the 19 Elections Magisterial Offices in the country and the NEC headquarters in Monrovia.

The training was aimed at providing the tools for developing a thorough logistics plan in a professional, ethical and confident way in preparedness for the 2017 Elections.

The training also reemphasized the importance of planning, assessing existing infrastructure at magisterial level, proper packaging, labelling, coding, assembling organizing storage, documentation, delivery and distribution as well as security of elections materials.

For the first time in the history of BRIDGE trainings in Liberia, the training was facilitated exclusively by national BRIDGE certified facilitators.

The training was funded by USAID through IFES and EU through UNDP.

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