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 Women Groupings Call For Increase Women Paerticipation In Political Activities September 1st, 2016

The Consortium of Women Political and Civil Society Organizations has urged the National Elections Commission (NEC)  to ensure that political parties comply with provisions of the Amended Elections Law of 2014 which calls for Gender Participation in Political Parties in Liberia.

The Consortium in a statement presented to NEC Monday said political parties as the primary mechanisms through which elective offices are accessed should create opportunities for women to be elected to key elective positions within them and the society.

To this effect, the women said the Commission should require all political parties to comply with Section 4.5 of the Amended Elections Law.

Section 4.5 of the new elections law states that a Political party or coalition in its submissio to the Commission of its lists of candidates for an election should endeavor to ensure that the governing body and its lists of candidates has no less than 30% of its members from each gender.

The women in their petition argue that eventhough Section 4.5 of the Amended Elections Law calls for equity in gender representation in the governance of political parties as well as candidacy for elections, the executive governing structures of many political parties are dominated by men, while women are consigned to women’s wings and caucuses.

Receiving the Women’s statement, the Chairman of the NEC, Jerome Korkoya, said the Commission strongly supports gender equity in all spheres of the electoral process in Liberia.

Chairman Korkoya promised to provide answers to the women’s queries on the interpretation of Section 4.5 of the amended Elections Law and other concerns within two weeks.

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