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 NEC Conducts Electoral Dispute Resolution Trainings for Stakeholders October 5th, 2016

Ahead of the 2017 Elections, the National Elections Commission (NEC) has begun the conduct of a series of workshops on the Electoral Dispute Resolution process.

The four-day workshop started on Monday and is intended to drill stakeholders in the various phases of the electoral dispute resolution process.

Issues being discussed at the workshop include the Types of Electoral Complaints; How to file a complaint; Initial reaction of NEC to complaints; who adjudicates complaints; complaints hearing process, remedies and appealing.

The workshop is being held in phases with participants attending at different intervals.

The first phase of the workshop was held on Monday and brought together senior staff of the National Elections Commission while the Tuesday session was attended by officials of the 22  registered political parties.

More than 20 lawyers of the Liberian National Bar Association attended the Wednesday’s Session while the 4th and final session of the workshop will be held on Thursday with members of the  Civil Society in attendance.

The objective of the workshop is to acquaint stakeholders with the electoral dispute hearing mechanism and processes common to the Elections Complaints Hearing.

The workshop is being sponsored by the European Union through UNDP and USAID through IFES.

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