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  June 11th, 2017

NEC Commences Voter Roll Exhibition Monday

The National Elections Commission Monday June 12, 2017 commences the Exhibition of the Provisional Voter Roll at all 2080 Exhibition Centers (formerly Voter Registration Centers) across the Country.
The exercise is a cardinal electoral date as per Article 9.2 of the Voter Registration Regulations and in keeping with section 3.6 of the New Elections Law of Liberia.

The Provisional Registration Roll is a compilation of names, photos, center codes, ages, among others of individuals who registered during the voter registration from February 1 to March 14, 2017.

The key exhibition activities are: a. Confirmation of applicant’s information, b. Inclusion, where the opportunity is given to an applicant or registrant to be included on the Provisional Registration Roll if erroneously omitted, c. Correction where recorded information of an applicant is allowed to be changed by correction to set the proper information for the particular applicant or registrant, and d. Objection to Inclusion, wherein the chance is given to those who have proof or evidence that points to the ineligibility of an applicant or registrant to be maintained on a voter roll.

Each Exhibition Center across the Country has two electoral workers, the Exhibition Officer and the Clerk to assist registered voters view their particulars and conduct the Exhibition process.
There are also 416 Electoral Supervisors across the country to monitor and coordinate the Exhibition activities at the 2080 Centers. They are working under the supervision of the Assistants and Electoral Magistrates of the 15 Counties of the Country.

Meanwhile, the Nation Elections Commission is urging all Liberians in possession of valid voter registration cards to take advantage of the Exhibition period, which runs from Monday June 12 to Saturday June 17. The Centers will be opened from 8am to 5pm daily.

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