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 Board of Commissioners Rules in Three Cases: Hon. Snowe and Siebo August 11th, 2017

By: Prince Dunbar/Communications Officer

The Board of Commissioners, BOC of the National Elections Commission (NEC) Thursday, August 10, 2017 handed down rulings in three Elections related Cases.

The Counsels’ whose clients lost in the three separate cases have all announced separate appeals to the Honorable Supreme Court of Liberia.

Representing the Board of Commissioners for the rulings were: Chairman, Jerome Korkoya, J.D;   Co-Chair, Cllr. Sarah M. Toe; Commissioner, Samuel Z. Joe; Commissioner, Cllr. Jeannette Ebba Davidson; Commissioner, Davidetta  Browne Lansanah and Commissioner, Atty. Boakai Dukuly.

The three (3) Elections related Cases Were:  

  1. Amos Seibo of District #1 (Appellant) versus the Nomination Committee of the NEC (Appellee)  in the action for Rejection of Nomination Application;
  1. S. Garyah Karmo of District #1, Bomi County (Appellant) versus Hon. Edwin Melvin Snowe of District #6, Montserrado County (Appellee) in the action for Objection to Registration; and
  1. Edwin Melvin Snowe of District #6 & Unity Party (Appellants) versus Hon. Sando D. Johnson of Bomi County in the action for Domicile violation.

The three election cases followed three separate appeals following the rulings from the Hearings Below. 

In the BOC’s first Ruling read by the Co-Chairperson of NEC Cllr. Sarah M. Toe, in the case:  Hon. S. Garyah Karmo (Appellant) versus Hon. Edwin Melvin Snowe (Appellee), the Magistrate of Bomi Ruling  was upheld by the Board of Commissioners thereby allowing Representative Snowe’s name to remain on the Final Registration Roll of  District #1 Bomi County.

The BOC says, under Article 13 of the 1986 Liberian Constitution which guarantees for freedom of movement and to reside in any part of the County; and Chapter 3 of the New Elections Law of 1986 which provides that a person can register to vote where he/she resides, unless that person is not a citizen, and has committed felony, and is not 18 years of age or older and who has been judicially declared incompetent.

The BOC in its second Ruling read by Commissioner Samuel Joe, in the case:   Mr.  Amos Siebo versus the Nomination Committee of the NEC, the BOC says the Nomination Committee made no error in rejecting the Nomination Application of Mr. Amos S. Siebo, Jr. of District #1, Montserrado County.

The Board says the actions of Mr. Siebo which led to him being arrested and charged by the Liberia National Police (LNP) with fraudulent Registration, conspiracy and theft of property (NEC’s registration material including cameras, printers and registration forms), such acts  are injurious to the public and violate public policy, and if ignored by the Commission and Mr. Siebo were allowed to vote, said acts will certainly undermined the integrity, transparency and credibility of the Commission. 

The Board further said that Mr. Amos Siebo not having office in District #1 Montserrado, where he seeks to represent was sufficient legal ground as provided for under Article 79(c) (iii) of the 1986 Liberian Constitution to deny Mr. Amos Siebo’s Nomination Application.

The third Ruling of the BOC read by Commissioner Davidetta Browne Lansanah, in the case:      Hon. Sando D. Johnson versus Hon. Edwin Melvin Snowe, the Board disagreed with the Hearing Officer that the objectors proved that Mr. Snowe is not domicile in District #1, Bomi County.

The BOC says the objectors have not provided evidence to show that Snowe breached any of the laws. The BOC says the objectors have also not proven the contrary that Representative Snowe is not a citizen, not 18 years of age, and has not satisfied the elections laws and the Constitution of Liberia.  The Board reversed the Ruling of the Hearing Officer and ruled that Hon. Edwin is domiciled in District #1, Bomi County.

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