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Commissioner Ernestine Morgan-Awar (ESQ.)

Commissioner Ernestine Morgan-Awar (Esq.), was born on July 2, 1975, she is married, a devoted Catholic and a mother. Commissioner Morgan-Awar joined the Board of Commissioners of the National Elections Commission with a colossal wealth of professional experience.


Commissioner Morgan-Awar have served as Assistant and Acting Court Administrator in the Judiciary Branch of the Government of Liberia between 2008 up to her appointment at the National Elections Commission in 2020 by His Excellency Dr. George M. Weah, in her role as Acting and Assistant Court Administrator, worked under the direct supervision of the Chief Justice of the Honorable Supreme Court of Liberia and the Court Administrator of the Judiciary.


Commissioner Morgan-Awar worked on policies and standards, based on applicable directives of the Supreme Court of Liberia; established the performance standards applicable to the courts (including timeliness, efficiency; quality of Court performance; infrastructure; and human resources; access to justice; as well as for systems for Court and Case Management.


Commissioner Morgan-Awar conducted evaluation of the compliance of the directives of the Supreme Court with standards; identified deficiencies and deviations. Commissioner ensured that statistics on all aspects of the functioning of the Courts are compiled and reported accurately and promptly in accordance with systems established by the Supreme Court. She ensured that the processes, procedures, policies and standards established by the Supreme Court for Court Management are complied with, and that they safeguard quality, ensure efficiency and timeliness and minimize cost to litigants.


Commissioner Morgan-Awar in 2008 while serving as Acting Court Administrator in her efforts to enhance access to Justice, established the Magistrate Sitting Program at the Monrovia Central Prison, a mobile court system that allows trials to be conducted at the Prison grounds, she established a Public Defender lawyers office at the Monrovia Central Prison, this effort was intended to reduce prison over crowdedness and prolong pre-trial detention.


Commissioner Morgan-Awar ensured that Human Resource Management of support staff in the Judiciary complies with the Human Resource Management Standards established by the Judiciary. She also ensured that the core systems of the court are established and function efficiently (documentation management, utilities management; infrastructure and facilities management; financial systems management; audits, accounts, payments). Commissioner Morgan-Awar in her role as Acting Court Administrator supervised all judiciary personnel throughout the Country, except judges who are to report directly to the Chief Justice of the Honourable Supreme Court in accordance with rules governing Court administration, as promulgated by the Supreme Court. She was responsible for preparing annual reports of the administrative operations of the Judiciary Branch of the Liberia Government, including statistics of the trial and disposition of cases in all of the courts and detailed information which informed the Supreme Court on re-assignment of trial judges across the Country.


From 2007-2008, Commissioner Morgan-Awar served as Legal Research Assistant to the deceased Chief Justice of the Honourable Supreme Court of Liberia, His Honour, Johnny N. Lewis, in that role, Commissioner Morgan-Awar worked under the direct supervision of the deceased Chief Justice, in which capacity she aassisted the Chief Justice in writing memoranda in response to legal queries; writing bench memoranda or cases history; opinions, including verification of the accuracy of citations or quotations from legislation, case law and other sources; and kept cases organized, by establishing and organizing files, monitoring the Chief Justice’s calendar, meeting deadlines and documenting actions.


Before joining the Judiciary, Commissioner Morgan-Awar worked as Associate Partner at the Morgan Grimes & Harmon Law Firm, under the direct supervision of the Managing Partner, the Late Cllr. Lawrence A. Morgan, former Senator of Grand Bassa County and former Attorney General of the Republic of Liberia. Commissioner Morgan-Awar represented clients in negotiations and hearings before administrative agencies and courts; provided general legal advice and counsel; conducted trial and hearing on behalf of cleints; prepared client’s meeting minutes; performed and prepared due diligence reports; drafted Pleadings (complaint, answer, reply, motions, briefs etc.), contracts, agreements and other legal instruments from time to time.


In addtion to Commissioner Morgan-Awar’s core duties and responsibilities, she served as Adjunct Lecturer of Judicial Administration at the James A.A. Pierre, Judicial Institute where she developed the first Case Management Handbook. Commissioner Morgan-Awar also served as Technical Focal person for the Judiciary on Liberia’s national agendas; Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS I & II), Agenda for Transformation (AFT), Liberia Peace Building Initative (PBO) & Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity & Development (PAPD).


Commissioner Morgan-Awar is a 2001 graduate of the African Methodist Eipscopal Undervisity (AMEU), with a Bachelors of Business Administration and a 2007 graduate of the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law of the Unviersity of Liberia. Commissioner Morgan-Awar  is a Counsellor-At-Law and a Member of the Honorable Supreme Court Bar. Commissioner Morgan-Awar earned several certificates from seminars and traning some of which includes: Certificate: Seminar on Cooperative Legal System Construction for Senior Management Personnel from Liberia, School of Continuing Education and Distance Education, University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, Peoples Republic of China; Certificate: Training for the African Judicial Cadres, The Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development and the National Centre for Judicial Studies, Cairo, Egypt; Certificate: Change Management, Time Management & Stress Management, International Law Institute, African Centre for Legal Excellence in conjunction with the Government of Liberia, Monrovia, Liberia.


Commissioner Morgan-Awar is an excellent communicator, and has strong analytical and problem solving abilities. She is a self-start, results oriented person and an excellent team player. Commissioner Morgan-Awar served two Chief Justices of the Honorable Supreme Court of  Liberia and an array Associate Justices of the Honorable Supreme Court.


Commissioner Morgan-Awar’s vision for the National Elections Commission is to be a member of a elections body that organize and conduct  free, fair and credible elections that reflects the dreams and aspirations of the Liberian people as envisaged in Article I of the 1986 Constitution, by the framers. 

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On 26 May, Board of Commissioners, (BOC) submits US$ 91, 958,557.72 Bubget for 2023 General Elections to the 54th  National Legislature of Liberia