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(NEC: Monrovia, July 14, 2011)- It has come to the attention of the National Elections Commission (NEC) that the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) has petitioned the Sixth Judicial Circuit, Civil Law Court at the Temple of Justice for a ‘declaratory judgment’. It has also come to the attention of the NEC that an injunction intended to halt the activities of the NEC relating to the conduct of the national referendum scheduled for August 23, 2011 may be placed on the Commission.
According to a statement from the NEC, without doubt, this request to the court by the MPC is unpatriotic, cynical and against the popular wishes of the Liberian people and is an attempt to stop them from exercising their democratic franchise to decide on critical issues affecting their wellbeing by participating in the referendum
The National Elections Commission hopes that the said injunction will not be issued as doing so will lead to further delay of the referendum and electoral process and impede the democratic tenets called for and advocated by the Liberian Constitution.
The NEC is therefore calling on the Liberian public to remain focused and recognize the significance of the pending referendum and elections which provide them an opportunity to participate in a national decision making process.

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On 26 May, Board of Commissioners, (BOC) submits US$ 91, 958,557.72 Bubget for 2023 General Elections to the 54th  National Legislature of Liberia